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Grace Faux Leather Shorts

Grace Faux Leather Shorts

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Dress to impress with these Grace Leather Shorts! With a trendy and stylish silhouette, you'll be the envy of all. Comfort meets fashion in these shorts, making them the perfect pick for a night out or a day at the office. Get ready to strut your stuff in these must-have leather shorts!

Material: Faux Leather

Look After Me

Keep your faux leather clothing looking fresh and stylish with these care tips:

Wipe with a damp cloth: For general cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface. Avoid soaking the fabric.
Use mild soap: For tougher spots, use a mixture of mild soap and water. Gently rub the area with a soft cloth, then wipe with a damp cloth to remove soap residue.
Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use bleach, ammonia, or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the material.

Air dry: After cleaning, let the garment air dry. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators, which can cause the material to crack or warp.
Do not wring: Avoid wringing out faux leather garments to prevent distortion.

Avoid ironing: Faux leather is sensitive to heat and can be easily damaged. If absolutely necessary, use a cool iron with a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric.
Remove wrinkles: Hang the garment in a steamy bathroom to help remove wrinkles naturally.

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